How can cultural attractions work to fulfil their commercial potential?


In connection with the Tourism + Culture Lab development project, and in cooperation with selected cultural institutions, Wonderful Copenhagen wishes to gain greater insight into the commercial potential of international visitors and how this potential can be realised and increase the earnings of cultural attractions from the target group. 


The design of the analysis is based on the principles of Design Thinking - an iterative process in which knowledge is continuously collected in loops, knowledge needs are identified and the focus is narrowed down. Data is based on qualitative interviews with international visitors to cultural attractions, observations at cultural attractions, expert interviews, purchase data from museum shops and interviews with store managers.    


Specific tools and inspiration for how cultural attractions can work to fulfil the commercial potential for increased sales of products and services to the international target group. More cases from the National Gallery of Denmark and the Workers Museum, where we have worked ‘hands-on’ and strategically with commercial efforts in museum stores on the basis of the analysis’ tools.