Young Talent programme

We invest in you 

We do this because we believe we can learn from you, just as you can learn from us. We believe that an internship should focus on development and learning, and we strive to attract, develop, and retain talented people who can see themselves reflected in our purpose and values. We hope that you are ambitious, curious and want to try your hand at working as a consultant in a company that values authenticity and trust. 

In a world that is becoming increasingly data complex, we are here to cut through the noise and make sense of it all. This is what drives us. And this is what makes us who we are. We call it sense-making. An internship with us, gives you the opportunity to develop your methodological, analytical and communication skills. You will work closely with our consultants on projects from start to finish: From design and data collection to advanced analytics and from consulting to visualisation of insights. We are inspired by working in teams composed of different personalities and methodological profiles. This helps us learn from each other and to have fun. 

You will be matched with a mentor who will remain your guide throughout your internship. Together, you will establish your personal and professional development goals that will form the common thread throughout your internship and discuss everything from your daily well-being to your personal and professional development. 

What do we offer? 

At Epinion, we specialise in four business areas: Public sector, Transport & Mobility, Tourism and Private. Furthermore, we work on method development and innovation in three HUBs: Human Minds & Anthropology, Data Science & Analytics and Design, Innovation & Impact. 

We have organised an internship programme that takes you through learning modules in all disciplines and business areas, and within our three priority learning areas: 

  • Analysis and data collection: We work on everything from ethnographic observations, digital ethnography and qualitative interviews to statistical context analyses, predictive models, machine learning, network analyses and much more.
  • Advising customers: Problem-solving approaches to advise customers in education, mobility, consumer goods, media, civil society, tourism and more.
  • Communication and visualisation: Data must be communicated properly to come to life. We work on communication through reporting, presentations, storyboards, video reporting, graphic communication, online dashboards, workshops and much more. 

This way, you can contribute what you are particularly good at, while building on it and learning new things. The internship will give you experience that can form a solid foundation for your decision on where to start your career after graduation – whether that’s with Epinion or elsewhere. 

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Internship at Epinion

We are looking for new interns for the autumn of 2024.

Deadline for applications is March 10, 2024

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