Data Science & Analytics

We are constantly bombarded with data. If you know how to capture data, then there is plenty you can learn from it. Our Data Science & Analytics experts turn fuzzy numbers into specific advice using the latest AI, data processing and analytics technologies.

Data Science & Analytics is at the core of Epinion’s work with quantitative data, analysis and visualisation. Our experts are consistently expanding the palette of data we work with in our consultancy – regarding target groups, consumers, transport habits and political behaviour. To achieve value-adding insights, we merge data, such as digital behaviour, telecom data, geospatial data and unstructured text data, with more conventional data sources, such as survey responses and registry data. 

Development is moving at the speed of light. We shadow it every step of the way. We are not afraid to experiment with advanced segmentation algorithms, AI and predictive machine learning to crack the code for increased personalisation in communication, better decision-making and new market trends. 

However, without thorough analysis, data is worthless. In Data Science & Analytics, we ensure that Epinion has a unified concept for the quantitative analyses we offer to our customers today and in the future.  

And we make sure our analyses tell captivating stories. We do this via our Power BI deliveries that enable our customers to explore their own data. Our interactive visualisations and scrollytellings support the internal anchorage and external visibility of our customers’ work. Numbers need stories – and vice versa. 

Meet the Team

Allan Toft Hedegaard Knudsen

Senior Director
+45 53 74 32 08

Andreas Jørgensen

Senior Consultant
+45 48 80 26 22

Andreas Michael Lund-Le

Senior Director
+45 41 88 73 15

Kristian Egløkke Østerbæk

Senior Consultant
+45 44 12 46 23

Laurits Frølund Mortensen

+45 60 10 32 72

Marc Mougaard Olsen

Senior Manager
+45 40 93 12 40

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Thomas Skaalum Bargisen

Manager & DSA co-lead
+45 92 99 40 39

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