Identifying how the pandemic is changing guest needs, demands and consumption patterns


The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed tourism and the conditions for companies within the tourism sector. Status quo is constantly changing. Therefore, it is more important than ever to work agile and from an evidence-based standpoint. In this context Destination Nordvestkysten and Destination Vesterhavet need feedback on how this new situation affects their guest behavior and preferences. Insights, that can function as a common reference and tool for navigation, adaptation and innovation of products and services during the pandemic but also in a broader perspective.


Epinion designed and developed a large study that focused on unravelling the main tourism season in 2020 on the West Coast. The study gives insight into how new target groups experienced the West Coast and the specific destinations, how COVID-19 changed the tourists’ behavior, an assessment on how the destinations dealt with COVID-19 restrictions, what the destinations can expect in the future regarding the travel behavior of previous guests, and what impact the subject of sustainability will have in the long term. The field study was based on more than 3.000 interviews across 10 holiday destinations along the West Coast of Denmark.


The study provides the destinations with detailed insight and knowledge about their guests during the season and as basis for preparation for the future. Knowledge that is crucial to drive a determined and positive development as well as increase the overall guest experience. The insights are activated through Webinars to infuse the knowledge locally, so the companies can use the results in innovation, product development, marketing etc.