Creating a design and process for a valid effect evaluation of seven activities at a new attraction in Denmark


In December 2020, Kornets Hus in Northern Jutland welcomed visitors for the first time. The attraction is a new experience center with focus on cereals, food culture and activities for the entire family. In order to increase the attraction’s awareness in the market as well as to extend and expand their product offerings to relevant target groups Kornets Hus has initiated a development project consisting of seven various activities. The development project is supported by the Nordea Foundation. To ensure that the seven activities are viable and create lasting effects, Kornets Hus want to conduct an effect evaluation of each of the activities.


Epinion will assist Kornets Hus in ensuring a valid effect evaluation of all seven activities. This involves developing a solid evaluation design and process as well as creating concrete tools and data collection instruments such as surveys and interview guides with relevant measurement points. While Kornets Hus will be responsible for conducting the data collection and analysis, Epinion will assist as advisors during the entire effect evaluation process to ensure valid results. This involves ongoing advice and sparring in relation to the evaluation design, process, data collection, analysis, interpretation of the results and final reporting. To ensure a strong evaluation design, the project will be initiated by a joint workshop between Epinion and Kornets Hus. The purpose is to ensure a co-creating process, ensuring high involvement and ownership for the evaluation activities as well as to create a solid foundation and framework for the effect evaluation.


The project will overall provide Kornets Hus with a solid design and process to ensure a valid effect evaluation of the seven activities. The project will ensure that Kornets Hus has a clear evaluation set up, involving clearly defined target groups, measurement points, data collection tools and time schedule for evaluating each of the seven activities. In addition, the project will provide Kornets Hus with valid insights to further development of each of the activities as well as the attraction as a whole. As an ongoing advisor and sparring partner, Epinion will contribute to and ensure valid and high-quality outcomes of the effect evaluation. The evaluation process will furthermore provide Kornets Hus with increased competencies in collecting data and conducting analyses to gain insights to the effect of future initiatives.