Human Minds & Anthropology

The Human Minds & Anthropology hub explores the latest innovative ways to collect and work with qualitative data.  

At Epinion, we believe that a thorough understanding of people’s needs, behaviours and dreams equips you to make the right decisions. This is true whether you work in the public or private sector or within development, communication, marketing, products, services, or sales.

We combine new technologies, such as VR, AI, mobile ethnography, and digital fora, with anthropological methods, such as ethnographic observations, in-depth interviews, diaries, “walk-alongs”, and focus groups, to create a deep understanding of what motivates and influences people in their behavior, decisions, and desires.     

Among others, our experts in segmentation, behavioral design, branding, user testing and customer journey design help you find the best way to meet the needs and desires of your target groups. We strive consistently to make sense of thick data and empower you to make the right decisions in a complex world. 

Meet the Team

Amalie Kjær Kristiansen

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Amanda Bundgaard Lauritsen

+45 22 94 26 11

Caroline Amalie Carøe

+45 44 12 74 36

Ida Simone Eskildsen

Senior Consultant
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Sanne Nissen Møller

+45 20 76 04 70

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