An analysis of the Danes’ behavior and preferences in the summer season of 2020


The COVID-19 pandemic is changing tourism and the summer season of 2020 has been different in many ways. Danes primarily spent their main holiday in Denmark. Additionally, it has been crucial for the stakeholders within the tourism industry to address and deal with the COVID-19 restrictions and adapt to changed behavior, consumption, preferences etc. Evidence suggests that the pandemic will continue and change the market conditions for a longer period. Therefore, it is crucial to gather insights on how the tourists’ preferences and consumption patterns change and how the tourism industry can adapt.


Epinion has designed a study that enabled a detailed analysis of the Danes’ travel behavior during the summer of 2020. Here, Epinion investigated their travels during the summer of 2020, how the COVID-19 pandemic affects their needs and preferences (chosen activities during their holiday, satisfaction levels, awareness sources, accommodation etc.), the Danes’ attitudes toward Denmark as a holiday destination, how they assess specific motivational factors and whether Danish destinations can live up to their importance, and travel expectations during the next 6 months and in 2021. The study was based on more than 3.000 web-interviews by the Danish population.


The insights form the study helps VisitDenmark and the Danish destinations to plan for the new season in 2021, as well as promote different holiday destinations, types of vacation etc. for the Danish population. Thus, the insights gathered will function as a powerful tool to adapt the existing product, so it matches the needs and preferences of the tourists and develop new products. The findings are activated in many different settings including several webinars in cooperation with selected destinations.