Design, Innovation & Impact

We explore and experiment with how to best communicate knowledge and insights to our customers in the most valuable way. 

At Epinion, we aim for our analyses and knowledge to have impact for our customers. Throughout the organisation, we distil volumes of data into clear insights and advise our customers on how to make decisions. When the outlines stand out, navigation becomes clear.   

Understanding insights is key. Whether you need to provide back-up for management decisions about new directions or get involved in product development and communication planning, we customise our communication to maximise impact. We are designers who constantly ensure that development processes, communications and formats reinforce the way our customers can put their new knowledge to good use.  

Our Design, Innovation & Impact hub creates impact using tools, processes and innovative technology. We work with development processes and apply the designer’s creative toolbox, while constantly testing new technologies and formats. We make sure that analyses and advice are supported as efficiently as possible.

Meet the Team

Kasper Holm Wejse

Senior Consultant
+45 24 22 86 29

Maria Schwarz Lausten

+45 20 89 55 10

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