Is ‘The World’s Smallest Cruise’ a viable concept to attract tourists and brand the destination?


Attracting national- and international visitors to one’s destination has increased significantly within the last years. Therefore, new concepts and strategic initiatives are essential in attracting and retaining tourists. Through a new concept called ‘The World’s Smallest Cruise’, Turistsamarbejdet Kystlandet (a local DMO) will use this initiative to brand the area thereby aiming to attract more visitors to the area’s hotspots. However, what does the public and potential target group of this concept think?


Epinion has designed and developed a quantitative study, which provides insight into the Danes’ knowledge of the destination, associations hereof, previous visits, potential visit rate in the future and an assessment of the concept in various areas. The survey was based on more than 1.500 web interviews across Denmark with an overrepresentation of citizens in neighboring municipalities and citizens with a household income of more than 1 million DKK.


The study functions as a powerful baseline for documentation as well as insights that describes historical tendencies. Furthermore, the analysis provides Turistsamarbejdet Kystlandet with a data proof of whether the concept is viable and thereby a reliable tool for local tourism development – which is valuable in term of enhancing the locals ownership of the concept and improving it’s indorsement from local stakeholders.