Travelers experience before, during and after the journey across Oresund


Region Sjælland and Greater Copenhagen desire to explore the journey across Oresund with a specific focus on the pains and gains travelers experience before, during and after their trips. Four target groups were defined: Tourists, commuters, business travelers and leisure travelers. The analysis did result in a set of recommendations for actions towards improvements of the costumer journey across the strait.


During spring 2019 Epinion carried out a qualitative research deploying a range of methods, including mobile ethnography, in depth interviews, travel along interviews, Vox pop interviews and observations. The rich empirical material was used to map out the costumer journey for each target group in an explorative way and approach the travelers in many different situations and aspects of their journey.


10 themes was summarized and presented to Region Sjælland and Greater Copenhagen in addition to a graphic costumer journey for each target group. In total 6 recommendations were formed ranging from concrete activities to strategic and political focus areas. Especially a need for an overall channel integrating planning, ticket systems and information about the journey on both sides of the strait is central for the customer’s perception of a coherent transport system. Lastly A small video was produced and shown at Folkemødet 2019. The results have been presented at several conferences and next step will be presentation meetings among key stakeholders.