DSB uses gamification to engage employees in customer insights


DSB is an organisation that prioritises customer-centricity, which means they continually collect customer insights on many aspects of their operation and services to optimise and improve customer experience. These customer insights are of great value to the employees working with the specific service. However, DSB found that many customer insights could be of great interest to the rest of the organisation and asked Epinion to conceptualise a way to engage more employees in these insights. However, knowing that employees are busy with their daily tasks and geographically located across the country, the solution had to be easy, fun, and digital.


Epinion planned and facilitated a content workshop with the DSB CX team, where we decided on which topics and parts of customer insights could be relevant for a broad employee audience. Using Miro, an online collaboration tool, Epinion processed all the ideas and formed an editorial calendar with relevant customer insights. Epinion collaborated with Leadfamly, who provided the digital platform, and 29x studio, who created the design to meet the need for a smooth and user-friendly experience.


Throughout December 2020, DSBs employees could participate in 24 engaging quiz questions regarding insights about DSB customers. The digital platform was easy to use, and the content was fun and informative. DSB experienced a very high level of engagement in the advent calendar, and employees across the organization all over the country participated in the quiz.