A citizens’ panel provides one of Denmark’s largest public transport providers, Movia, with a critical outside-in perspective


Movia covers public transport on all of Zealand and the Copenhagen region. More than 215 million passengers use their bus lines, local trains, and other mobility solutions. It is an organisation that prioritizes co-creation and user-centricity, which means most initiatives must include a user perspective. Movia covers a vast geographical area. Therefore, they want to ensure that they include and understand people, and their use of public transport, from small villages to the bigger cities. Movia wants to establish a setup that enables them to get feedback and input on various themes and initiatives. 


In close collaboration with Movia, Epinion has created The Movia Citizens' panel. The Citizens’ panel consists of two meetings a year combined with a few chosen digital involvement points in between the meetings. Each citizens’ panel meeting involves creative assignments and co-creation elements to promote a meaningful conversation and relevant input to a chosen topic by Movia. Epinion facilitates the panel, involving recruitment of participating citizens, concept development, moderation, and processing input from citizens.  Epinion recruits and maintains the Movia Citizens’ Panel to ensure a consistent experience from the citizens’ perspective. Each citizens’ panel meeting is developed following a collaborative process with Movia, starting with a concept development meeting where theme, goal, and outcome are set. Then Epinion designs a concept that meets the goals set by Movia and at the same time provides a meaningful experience to the participants. 


Since 2019 Movia has completed five Citizens’ Panel meetings, some physical others, especially during Covid19, digital. The Citizens’ Panel gives Movia easy access to the people living in all parts of the area they cover. This means they can test ideas and products or receive input to relevant issues on Movia's agenda.  Epinion designs the participation process that partly seeks to harness valuable insights from citizens and partly seeks to form a meaningful experience for the panel participants. The effect is notable in the participants feedback, and the most recent evaluation shows that 100% of the participants were satisfied and looking forward to the next meeting. Moreover, Epinion collects, processes, and presents the citizens' input in a clear format adaptable to Movia's further work.