Epinion helps Taxa 4X35 and their taxi drivers improve customer experiences


Taxa 4X35 wish to provide customers with the best possible customer experience before, during, and after a ride in one of their taxies. One of the critical components of this ongoing work is to train their taxi drivers how to respond to customers in all types of situations. However, Taxa 4X35 did not have a clear picture of customer needs in various situations. Therefore, they wanted to better understand their customers' needs in order to tailor their training program for their taxi drivers and thereby increase customer satisfaction. 


Epinion developed a Customer Journey in close collaboration with Taxa 4x35. A mixed-method approach formed the Customer Journey and consisted of travel-along interviews with 4x35 customers following a quantitative study. The qualitative data qualified the extensive quantitative analysis that ensured which elements of the customer experience their taxi drivers should focus on in their training to improve the overall customer experience. 


The Customer Journey study has provided Taxa 4x35 with insights into how their taxi drivers should act in different customer-related situations to ensure the best experience for their customers. These insights formed the foundation for the development of the customer interaction training program. The study also supported decisions regarding what information the organisation should display on their websitewww.taxa.dk  to best support customers.   As a result of the Customer Journey study, Taxa 4x35 has integrated specific metrics in their continued customer satisfaction tracking, allowing the company to monitor how their customers experience particular elements of the journey. The monitoring enables Taxa 4x35 to adjust and decide on which specific aspects of the customer experience the chauffeurs should focus.