How to reduce the climate footprint in Norwegian municipalities?


The National Government and regional municipalities in Norway have an objective that all growth in personal transport should be by public transport, bicycle or walking in order to reduce climate footprint. As such, they needed profound insights on current travel habits and people’s motivation to change from private modes of transport to greener alternatives.


Through a digital platform Epinion in summer 2018 reached out to companies within Østfold municipality participating in the ‘HjemJobbHjem initiative’ to gather insights on travel habits among employees. Also, deeper insights were collected to find out the underlying barriers for not choosing the public transport, bicycle or walking in favor of private ones.


Epinion provided Østfold municipality with detailed insights on employees travel habits and motivations for choose of transport mode. More Norwegian municipalities and hereby more companies are planned to join the survey with incentives such as the opportunity for employees to purchase discounted bus tickets.