Mystery Shopping in Midttrafiks customer center


Midttrafik is wondering why there is a large discrepancy between the satisfaction amongst customers (low) and the employees view on their own competencies for guiding the customers. Furthermore, Midttrafik wanted to have some background material for optimizing the education for the employees.


During the summer 2018, Epinion planned a very complicated Mystery Shopping plan, where Epinion’s trusted employees visit the customer center educated in a specific case. Epinion’s employees should act as ordinary customers and afterwords evaluate the guidance from Midttrafiks employees. Epinion completed 50 visits during all weekdays and time of day.


Midttrafik was kind of surprised, but also very happy with the results they got from this survey. The results helped them develop and optimize new education material, made the employees happier and more confident and by that raised the customer satisfaction in the customer center.