How to develop the current accommodation capacity with new, unique and demanded types of accommodations on marinas and campsites


The accommodation capacity across Denmark is under a great amount of pressure during the main season due to the influx of tourists visiting the country. And while different types of accommodation experience a growth and further development, marinas and campsites does not. However, both accommodation types have potential in attracting new target groups, if they simply adapt towards the current demand. Thus, Dansk Kyst og Naturturisme (Coastal Tourism in Denmark) seek to test new accommodation types to potentially increase the number of overnight stays in Denmark.


Epinion has created and designed a mixed method study containing both qualitative and quantitative data sources, thereby enhancing the holistic assessment of four new accommodation types. Epinion made 15 mobile ethnographic interviews with couples trying the different types of accommodation, where said couples’ behavior have been monitored in a natural setting and asked about their experiences during a one-week period. The visits were then accessed through 10 qualitative follow-up interviews. Furthermore, Epinion initialized a survey with +1.000 respondents investigating the concepts popularity and what the population is willing to pay for said accommodation types


The study created updated insights regarding new accommodation types that sought to investigate their relevance and potential, thus, creating a well-found starting point in developing supplementary accommodation types to the current offerings.