Helping airports reap outsized profits from the most underappreciated non-aeronautical revenue


With traditional airport revenues being under pressure from airlines, community and authorities against a backdrop of large infrastructure investments, it is critical to focus non-aeronautical revenues and indeed they account for almost half of the total operating revenue for most airports. Parking facilities are not only a large non-aeronautical revenue source for airports – it is often by far the biggest profit driver given relatively low capital and operational expenditure requirements.


Epinion has conducted a large-scale study across more than ten airport clients as well as helped individual clients such as Berlin Airport, Billund and Finavia to build a solid parking concept. Our approach to parking studies is a set of steps across different data collection and analysis methods. We then triangulate all this data to map the current competitive situation, profile current and potential parking customers as well as generate a complete product definition and go-to-market recommendation.


Epinion has typically delivered a complete and clear strategy to capture the full potential of parking customers. This includes where to define the optimal price points for each parking segment, how to build up a powerful approach to marketing campaigns as well as which product concepts would be most successful such as valet, online booking or subscription setups, These in-depth insights around parking segments enable airports to maximize revenue streams and profits.