How is tourism developing in Norway? 


Every year, Innovation Norway conducts a nationwide tourism study which generally serves two purposes – to document the importance of Norwegian tourism from an economic perspective and to contribute to the development of Norwegian tourism through increased knowledge of tourists' behaviour and experience of Norway as a tourist destination. 


Based on an analysis of the 2012–2016 tourism study, a comprehensive desk research as well as stakeholder workshops, in 2018, Epinion developed a new design for the Norwegian tourist survey. Among other things, the new design involves a total of 12.000 annual tourist interviews spread across airports, hotels, attractions and other key junctions where tourists are. The study thus provides a broader insight into Norwegian tourism than has been the case so far, where interviews have primarily been conducted at commercial accommodation. 


Every year Epinion performs the data collection, data processing, analysis and reporting of the tourist survey. Through several annual reports, the tourist survey documents the development and significance of Norwegian tourism. The reports are used by tourism stakeholders across Norway to obtain an updated knowledge basis about tourism, including the composition of tourists, their behaviour, activities, consumption of experiences and financial spending.