Optimizing retail, services and F&B mix to enhance experience & non-aeronautical revenues


Most airports have been built from a transportation hub perspective, however, the continuous investments required can typically not be covered by airline income alone. Increasing passenger purchases in airports offers a solution, however, 80% of airport shopping is impulsive and thus requires highly tailored a commercial environment and mix of retail, services and F&B without missing the unique role airports are expected to play or over-simplifying the selection process.


Epinion has based on numerous of commercial studies in airports concluded that the basics of airport retailing consist of four fundamental elements: Free up time and head space for passengers, ensure smart retail outlet locations compared to specific segments, understand passenger needs deeply and create the right mix of categories, price points and brands. Epinion tests a combination of local heroes, global players, random and preferred concepts before running importance analysis and removing cannibalization effects.


Epinion has delivered commercial mix recommendations to clients such as Incheon, CPH, Vienna, Finavia and Jakarta Soekarno–Hatta to build or completely revamp their terminal setup around retail, services and F&B. Clients receive the right mix to create relevance for each target segment yet also respecting the unique role airports has as the gateway to a country culture and representing a luxury experience. The results are inevitable higher customer satisfaction and non-aviation revenue growth up to 50%.