Helping Arla Foods improve a packaging design for successful repositioning


Arla Foods is one of the leading dairy companies in Europe, the largest in Scandinavia and a major player on the global market. In order to give its individual milk products more distinct identities, Arla repositioned them. However, for one of the products there were doubts as to whether the design was consistent with the brand identity Arla wanted to create. The product has been on the market for years and Arla worried that it has a very strong position, which will suffer if it is subjucated to the new Arla brand position.


A study containing qualitative and quantitative elements was designed to uncover consumer perceptions of and experiences with the packaging design as well as the potential effect among primary target groups. A focus was laid on understanding what the packaging conveys in terms of values, messages, feelings and how these fit to the intended positioning. A comparison to earlier versions and competing products ensured clear and actionable recommendations could be given.


The survey confirms that there is a cause for concern. The product has a very strong position in the mind of the consumer and both the product brand name and the design colors showed to be very important for the consumer. If the product is subject to the new Arla position the product will lose its clear positon. Based on the survey Epinion is able to give a clear recommendations as regards how to improve the proposed design in relation to both product brand name and the colors in a way, that both preserves the existing position af the product and at the same time support Arla’s new position.