How to increase sales in Denmark’s leading DIY chain


With more than 40 DIY (do-it-yourself) shops, SILVAN is the market leader of Denmark’s hardware sector. In order to ensure continuous customer appeal and increase in-store sales, Silvan needed deeper understanding on how to communicate and interact with shoppers in order to trigger sales and decrease barriers in purchase decisions.


A mixed method approach was chosen in order to gain a holistic customer evaluation. First a customer satisfaction survey was conducted to measure business critical KPIs across staff, navigation, value, product and marketing. Second these results were paired with sales data to correlate attitude with spend (read: actual behavior). Finally, Silvan’s performance was benchmarked against other DIY retailers.


Our shopper research gave SILVAN’s management valuable insights into in-­store purchase barriers and triggers, allowing them to make informed modifications to improve sales. One of the biggest changes Silvan initiated considering the new shopper insights was improving the professional knowledge and approachability of in-store workers – as we found that shopper contact increased spending.