Epi*Lense – What drives consumption of healthier food? 

August 16, 2019

For years, consumers said that they wanted to eat healthier food and live healthier lifestyles, but their behavior did not change — until now. Our internal Epi*Lense study on the ‘better for you’-trend shows that consumers are eating differently, redefining what healthy means, and demanding more products that are natural, organic and/or free from sugar, parabens and artificial additives.  

While many consumers would probably like to believe that these changes are driven by collectivistic motivations such as reducing CO2-emissions from the food we consume, protecting the environment and sustaining animals welfare, our study shows that these motivations are secondary to individualistic motivations – such as our personal health and weight loss. 

Many companies know the ‘better for you’-trend, but in order to successfully target their consumers it is crucial to study and understand the underlying motivations, priorities and key drivers of change amongst consumers. 

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