How can we strengthen a profession's reputation and opportunities?


It is difficult to represent a profession and a group of employees’ interests if its value to society is not clear. This is especially true if misconceptions about the profession's level of professionalism are prevailing, and if the profession itself is not able to convey the importance of its work. A mapping and analysis of the profession's reputation is crucial to strengthening a profession's position.


In 2018, Epinion completed an environment analysis of a profession represented by a large Danish trade union. Based on in-depth interviews with stakeholders (experts and researchers, opinion leaders and politicians, journalists, the administrative level, practitioners in the profession) the union established a complete impression of what characterises the outside world's view of the profession - including its challenges and its opportunities.


These insights from the stakeholder analysis fed into a strategic process intended to strengthen the profession going forward. The union used Epinion’s recommendations from the analysis to set a direction for the profession and plan concrete solution initiatives to enhance the profession's reputation, role and support from society in the coming years.