A tool to target local efforts and secure education in traffic behavior in primary schools


Education in traffic behavior is mandatory in the Danish primary school. This means, that all public and private schools in Denmark are obliged to educate their students in traffic. The purpose hereof is to ensure that all students gain the knowledge and ability required to navigate safely in different traffic situations. Rådet for Sikker Trafik advice and helps schools in performing traffic education. They have a data driven approach to understand the challenges schools are facing and how Rådet for Sikker Trafik can support them in the best way.


An essential factor to completing and succeeding with the traffic education is that all schools have a teacher of contact for traffic matters. The same goes for traffic policies describing the schools’ procedures for educating the students in traffic behavior. It is known from previous studies that a substantial number of schools lack these important initiatives. With more than a year with covid-19, it is challenging times for the education in traffic behavior in the schools. With long periods of homeschooling the teachers have been forced to prioritize which courses to teach and which to postpone. This leaves us with the question – how are the conditions for the education in traffic behavior in primary schools today? And what should Rådet for Sikker Trafik do to support the schools?


Epinion has on behalf of Rådet for Sikker Trafik completed a study among all school leaders and traffic contact teachers at public and private primary schools in Denmark. The study has provided Rådet for Sikker Trafik with new insights on how teachers educate their students in traffic matters as well as their awareness and use of teaching materials. The study thereby gives Rådet for Sikker Trafik a tool to target and customize their work to secure education in traffic behavior in Danish primary schools.