Mapping of The Good Life – According to Children


In Denmark, we have a long-standing tradition of taking children’s perspectives and children’s voices seriously. Monday Morning wants to understand what children perceive as a good life and understand the kinds of roles that are played during play and learning through play, thereby building on that tradition. Monday Morning also wants to involve experts, professionals and interest organisations in the project, to discuss and put the study’s insights into perspective with these stakeholder groups.


There is little knowledge about how children perceive “a good life”, and it is rare that children’s own voices are expressed. Surveys are often viewed from an adult perspective, with a focus on well-being/lack of well-being or on a specific sub-topic such as play. There is no study that offers a 360° perspective on a good life for children. An ambitious set-up is also required to compile a valid report, as children are a broad and heterogeneous target group. There is a great difference between how a 6-year-old child and a 15-year-old child are able to express themselves and what they perceive as a good life.


To give children a voice, our approach is an ambitious analysis design. A national survey was conducted across grades 0-9 based on child interviews in the home, a national survey and a mobile ethnographic study. The study was conducted in three steps: Input on important themes and perceptions among children Quantitative mapping of the good life – according to children Delving deep into the good life – according to children