How to increase retail spending on two ferry routes?


Together with Qvartz, DFDS was in the process of developing a new strategy for how to increase retail sales on two specific ferry routes in Europe. Hence, they asked Epinion to help them uncover the overall experience of travelling by ferry compared to other types of transportation as well as map the customer journey and buying behaviour with the aim of identifying drivers and barriers for spending on board.


The project was solved using both qualitative and quantitative methods, with the qualitative part conducted prior to the quantitative survey to ensure that the survey included the most important parameters to measure. The study was based on interviews which took place with passengers onboard the ferries, participant and area observation and short “stop interviews” onboard the ferry, followed by an online survey of customers/travellers.


The study gave DFDS and Qvartz a very clear understanding of the strong and unique benefits of travelling by ferry, it identified touchpoints in the customer journey with great potential for optimising spending, and it produced input on how to improve and optimise sounds and smells onboard, wayfinding, signage and naming of different areas, as well as satisfaction with options in F&B stores and the onboard shop.