Predicting betting segments on 2 million customers


A national betting provider needed a new customer segmentation to feed into both strategic prioritization at company-level and support operational execution across business functions. ​They wished to understand the full market, i.e. not just existing customers and people's ways of living, i.e. not just betting behavior. ​Also, the strategic segments should be applied to their customer base for 1:1 execution.


First, Epinion helped understanding our client’s customers in an entertainment and lifestyle-context and building the distinct segments. Second, a customer survey was run to identify the market segments on 14.000 of our client’s customers. ​Based on these customers, Epinion developed a model to map segments on all our client’s 2 million customers.​


The advanced prediction model developed by Epinion showed a hit-rate of 7 out of 10 which by industry standards is highly satisfactory. Due to the alignment of the strategic identified segments with our client’s own customer base our client was able to develop 1:1 targeted communication as well as consistent communication to customers across the whole organization.