Releasing the full potential of customer membership data and loyalty programs


Sportmaster has one of Denmark’s biggest loyalty programs called Klub Sportmaster and had a desire to perform even better on tracking and measuring newsletter performance. In other words, they wanted to develop and track newsletter performance on relevant KPI’s and enhance the use of their membership data by releasing its full potential with intelligent targeted marketing.


Sportmaster’s member data was highly fragmented with personal and transactional data in one system and email-data in another. This posed a challenge for Sportmaster since KPI-reporting or intelligent targeting would be if not impossible then very difficult and highly costly to do without having all relevant customer data combined in one place with easy access for many.


Epinion supported Sportmaster by combining all their data sources into one platform and build a dashboard-solution on top. This enabled Sportmaster to instant access and track performance across all newsletters and target groups and improved 1:1 marketing execution. As a result, engagement scores have increased e.g. opening rates have increased by a factor 2 and conversion rates by a factor 3.