Dashboard reporting to ensure overview of passenger satisfaction


In 2018, 1.8 million customers used the Assistance Service at Heathrow Airport, and it is predicted that this will rise to over 2 million in 2020. Customer satisfaction with the experience is measured by Heathrow to ensure it is continually improving the service it offers. Insights are shared across the organization, with the 3rd party supplier, and with Heathrow’s regulatory body, the Civil Aviation Authority.


During 2017 Heathrow Airport experienced a decline in satisfaction among the customers using the assistance service and identified a need to be able to view the data insights utilizing a more visual tool that could highlight areas of concern and show performance versus target.


Heathrow Airport asked Epinion to develop a dashboard solution that would give an overview of performance and indicate when satisfaction levels went below certain levels. Since implementation, Heathrow have been able to use the dashboard to regularly review the data and identify ways of improving the experience for customers of the Assistance service.