Monitoring positive change in socioeconomically disadvantaged neighbourhoods 


Gladsaxe Municipality is a diverse area with several socioeconomic disadvantaged neighbourhoods. With the initiative ”Social Ballance” the municipality  has set an ambitious plan to foster a more balanced development where citizens in all areas of the municipality have equal opportunities and where more resourceful people contribute to the development of the challenged neighbourhoods. To monitor this transformation, Gladsaxe Municipality have set in place a monitoring system combining both data from public records and population surveys.  


Epinion advices Gladsaxe Municipality on the development of the system, helps collect the survey data and implement the system in the municipality’s organisation. Based upon thorough research of how complex matters like public health, security, social mix etc. are best measured with survey methods, Epinion works closely with the municipality to design a monitoring system that over the next ten years can be used to follow the development. The system is anchored within the municipality’s administration and Epinion provides counselling, guidance, and training in e.g., interview techniques for the street workers who will help interview citizens, and statistical analysis for those who will interpret the results.  


Over the course of the next decade, the monitoring system will provide valuable knowledge on progress and barriers that will inform the initiatives of the municipality. By closely monitoring the development and putting this knowledge to work a data driven approach to driving change across the socioeconomically disadvantaged neighbourhoods is ensured.