Sustainability, climate change and voice of people


Aarhus Municipality is among the cities in the world with the best track record when it comes to reducing emissions and has set the ambitious goal to reach climate neutrality by 2030. Thus, Aarhus Municipality has devised a climate strategy that puts forth different initiatives to fulfill this goal across all sectors. An essential part of this, is to involve and engage the citizens, as they need to contribute to succeed – an initiative which is labelled Aarhus Transitions (Aarhus Omstiller). However, the municipality does not possess updated knowledge about the citizens’ behaviors, opinions or level of insight related to the matter. A vital vantage point before embarking on new initiatives and projects to support the overall strategy and something to be monitored closely over the coming years to validate whether new initiatives shift opinions, increase knowledge and change behaviors.


Epinion has designed a comprehensive quantitative survey study with the purpose of ensuring a strong knowledge base for the realization of projects and communication material directly related toward reducing the areas Co2-emissions. This, by illuminating several aspects such as the citizens general knowledge and attitude towards sustainability, their food and transportation habits, energy usage and waste management etc. The study invites 35,000 people to participate, thereby also in itself engaging a large part of the citizens in the project.


The study will provide Aarhus Municipality with updated knowledge that supports them in making effective initiatives to help the citizens realize the goal. The study will also portray different indicators to whether the municipality is on the right path, and how, according to the citizens, the municipality can increase their contribution even more than today. Conclusively, the study will increase the understanding in what drives the development, the barriers and the different opportunities that lie ahead. Opportunities, the municipality can seize and exploit to reach their ambitious goal.