Mapping selected cities' potential for further development


Cities has become a means for growth and citizens are increasing their demands and requirements to the city they live in. Today, cities are a political instrument that can reform and brand municipalities to be sustainable, creative, and technologically advanced. The struggle in attracting future citizens to one’s area is real. To improve their chances in succeeding in this, Vejle Municipality need insights that entails an individual profile of selected cities, so the cities in question can be further developed and branded toward the desired target group.


Epinion designed and executed a quantitative study focusing on creating a city profile by introducing and analysing humane factors (district plan, reputation, experience with service offerings etc.) and structural parameters (population growth, career opportunities, the housing market, infrastructure, mobility etc.). The study was based on more than 800 web-based interviews from citizens in the four selected cities; Børkop, Egtved, Give and Jelling.


The analysis provided valuable knowledge of the unique potentials of each city. Thus, the study functioned as an instrument that could be utilized continuously in the strategic development and long-term planning of each city and what area(s) that requires Vejle Municipality’s attention.