How do we attract and retain more citizens? 


Esbjerg Municipality has an ambitious target to attract more people to the municipality, where, among other things, a large number of companies lack manpower. To ensure a sound analytical basis for the work on strategy and vision and the concrete settlement initiatives, the municipality wishes to conduct a thorough settlement analysis that provides specific recommendations in relation to target groups and measures that might attract and retain citizens in the municipality.  


In close collaboration with the municipality, Epinion designs a settlement analysis which creates insight into the target groups moving to and from the municipality today. The analysis combines registry data of moves with questionnaire data collected from newcomers to the municipality and potential newcomers outside the municipality. Finally, video interviews are conducted with a number of new residents in the municipality to link words and faces to a number of general insights.


The analysis divides the newcomers into a variety of target groups and illustrates the strategic opportunities and challenges connected with them. Among other things, the recommendations include focusing on retention, as a number of target groups tend to move out of the municipality again. A number of approaches to this are listed, including developing urban and cultural life, which are identified as important tools across several target groups. The findings are discussed with politicians at a themed meeting and included in the Vision 2025 work and the subsequent settlement and branding efforts.