New parking garages enables high satisfaction with the first touchpoint in the customer journey


Parking is one of the largest revenue sources for airports, and the first touchpoint passengers meet at the airport. Thus, it is key to ensure high satisfaction, by accommodating the need of the users. Especially among those who parks in parking garages, since these typically are more demanding, as they pay the highest price and hence expect high service. However, uncovering what users find attractive when it comes to parking, can be challenging for airports.


Epinion have recently helped an airport client solve this challenge, and uncovered users’ needs within parking garages. The demand for the analysis occurred as the airport were to expand their current parking possibilities with another parking garage, and thus needed input from the parking users in the existing parking garages, in order to take data-driven decisions on the investments for the new parking garage. The applied approach was to conduct face-to-face interviews with users of the existing parking garages, based on a conjoint questionnaire as well as appertaining conjoint analyses.


The results of this approach provided the airport with in-depth insights on which attributes the passengers finds most attractive and which they find least attractive, together with the relative importance across parking attributes. These insights confirmed some of the airport’s current hypotheses, but also revealed some differences in other hypotheses, implying that the results enable enhanced satisfaction with the garage, thus ensuring that all investments are data driven. Hence, the results play an important role when designing the new parking garage.