Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Advanced Analytics

90% of the world’s data has been created within the last two years, and the amount of data being created is growing exponentially due to the digital revolution across companies and institutions.

This has created immense volumes of data and produced a need to handle and make sense of all of these data – identifying only relevant insights and prioritising efforts accordingly.

At Epinion, we have a dedicated team which works with analysing big data by using e.g. data mining, predictive modelling and advanced reporting. We always base our approach on our clients’ situations and challenges, designing a way to solve them, whether that means applying natural language processing to social media data, to understanding governmental engagement in peace negotiations, or predicting strategic segments on a customer base of millions of customers to improve 1:1 execution.

Our specialists do not only work on pure advanced analytics projects but also for clients across Epinion’s areas of expertise: Public & Politics, Aviation, Private and Transport & Mobility. This is because we believe that our experience from working with and understanding client needs together with our experience in advanced quantitative methods is key for delivering high quality and actionable insights from advanced analytics.

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