Delivering dynamic dashboards to optimize operations & commercial offering across 44 airports


Avinor is a state-owned company that operates the 44 airports in Norway and serves more than 65 million passengers annually. This is an incredible complex business and to both operate efficiently and continuously enhance customer experience throughout all their airports, it is critical to track and deep dive into the passenger satisfaction and behavior without losing the overview and momentum.


Avinor has since 2012 used Epinion as a trusted advisor and data analytics provider. Thus, Epinion has built up a field force operation of 50 interviewers and 4 field managers to conduct about 185,000 interviews annually on several tracking and ad hoc projects. The projects cover the 18 largest airports, all parts of these airports and the entire travel value chain. The results of survey programs are reported in dynamic dashboards, built with business intelligence tools.


With dynamic dashboards, Avinor can easily get an overview of their complex business and the results are almost real time. This enables Avinor to always take data-driven decisions and exploit insights as the changes in their environment unfolds. The quality requirements are huge, as the data is used to ensure documentation of the airports operations and form the basis for both prioritization and focus for all commercial development.