EPI*Essence morning event on sustainability 


August 16, 2019

Sustainability is one of today’s great megatrends – and ~35% of consumers are choosing to buy from brands they believe has a ‘higher purpose’, i.e. are doing socially or environmentally good. 

Companies are in an exceptional position to promote more sustainable consumption not only via their contact with consumers, but also through their own actions and partnerships with suppliers. 

But sustainability has many facets and consumers place emphasis on various initiatives making it difficult for companies to address these consumer concerns with single actions. 

With this challenge in mind Epinion invites you to meet 4 companies for whom sustainability has been game-changer and a key driver for their commercial success.  

  • Naturli’ Foods, CEO, Henrik Lund 
  • Too Good To Go, Executive Specialist, Mikkel Fog Holm-Nielsen 
  • Designit, Senior Researcher, Anders Tolstrup 
  • Danish Agriculture & Food Council, Head of Department Per Vesterbæk 

Time: 26th of Sep-19 from 8.30-10.30 at Nomad Workspace, Blegdamsvej 6, 2200 Copenhagen N. 

Space is limited, so register today at: event@epinionglobal.com