Commercial Mix: Optimizing commercial offerings in the airport

December 10, 2019

Does your airport have the best mix of commercial offerings?

There are many different passenger profiles in the airports. Is your airport meeting passengers demand of shops and F&B? Is there too much cannibalization within the current commercial mix? Then you are not getting the maximum turnover per passenger.

If you can identify and prioritize strong offerings or concepts within retail, services and F&B you can improve customer satisfaction and spend.

Optimizing the current mix of commercial offers in the airport is important as the demand shifts and develops over time. Identifying which concepts that could fill gaps of unused potential is important to generate an increased spend per passenger.

It is especially relevant to investigate for airports who aim to expand or redesign areas of the airport, has contract renewals with shops and F&B or simply would like to enhance the customer experience and satisfaction.

Optimizing the commercial offerings of your airport

The commercial offerings can be optimized by:

  • Assessing preferences & drivers of purchase decisions
  • Identifying potential gaps in the current commercial mix
  • Maximizing the potential turnover by analyzing the optimal concepts for the target location

Both current and potential concepts are ranked based on 3 analyses where the first two analyses include spending levels and share of passengers for each concept and thus provides us with an expected turnover:

  1. An analysis of the passengers most preferred concepts
  2. An analysis of random concepts presented to the passengers
  3. An importance analysis of the concepts

 The concepts’ score in each of the analyses is combined into an overall score indicating which concepts that are most preferred by the passengers. By triangulating the concepts based on 3 different analyses we obtain more robust and significant results. Further we are validating the results on the likelihood of purchase to give a conservative, but realistic results and conclusions.

 Get clear recommendation on which concepts to include in the commercial offerings in the airport

Get clear recommendations on which concepts are giving your airport the highest spend per head before and after adjustment of cannibalization. All reporting is provided in easy to read deliverables for taking actions on determining the optimal commercial mix in your airport.

 Increase turnover and passenger satisfaction already now

Get help from Epinion to get a better understanding on how to identify the strong concepts and offerings within services, shops and F&B to tailor offerings to improve customer satisfaction and spend per passenger in YOUR airport.