How can yet another newsletter cut through the clutter in people’s inboxes?


The key to successful e-mail campaigning is getting the reader to read all the way through the e-mail and engage with the brand by clicking on a link. However, in today’s e-mail clutter achieving such behavior is close to a miracle. Our client hence needed to understand exactly how to optimize their communication to stimulate interest and action.


The collaboration between YouSee and Epinion is based on Epinion’s big and thick approach – mixing qualitative and quantitative diagnostics that tap into people’s system 1 and system 2.​ The aim is to not only assess the stop effect of the campaign material and the potential of the CTAs (Call To Action), but also identify improvement potential in great detail, e.g. regarding titles, icons, creatives or tone of voice.


Epinion’s campaign pre-tests allowed YouSee to act during the creative development process and adjust campaigns on time to increase conversion rates. Focus was mainly on the use of creatives in order to enhance stop-effect, the structure of e-mails in order to keep the reader’s attention, the tone of voice and CTAs in order to enhance the effect of USPs​ and the use of links vs. direct information in e-mails.