Who are our digital readers – and how to improve their engagement with our brand?


The Danish newspaper Dagbladet Børsen publishes content on several platforms. They possess solid knowledge about readers of their physical platform, but their knowledge is limited when it comes to their digital readers. As the future of most media is digital, they asked Epinion to provide basic knowledge about this customer group before they moved forward with developing a future-proof digital platform.


Epinion started by analysing available data about digital usage of the platform and identified five digital segments. In order to produce in-depth knowledge of the segments, a web forum was established including 25 users and covering all five segments. The web forum ran for 10 days and was followed by face-2-face in-depth interviews to get as close as possible to the digital users.


The study provided Dagbladet Børsen with clear and actionable recommendations. For instance, advice on how to optimise content planning by considering the needs for news during day and night rhythms and depending on personal/leisure or professional/work context. Also, concrete initiatives where given on how to improve web and mobile sites – making them stand out from its competition.