Monitoring and evaluation of competence boost in the field of dementia


Denmark should be a dementia-friendly society. Therefore, as part of a new national action plan for dementia, DKK 470 million has been allocated initiatives intended to strengthen efforts to help people with dementia. One of the key initiatives is a pool of DKK 80 million which has been earmarked for the support of skills development in the field of dementia, focusing on the use and embedding of knowledge and skills in practice. Over a three-year period, more than 20.000 employees across municipalities, regions and general practices will take part in the effort.


Epinion implements monitoring and evaluation of all the competence boosts that are part of the pool, mapping the gains among all participants through a survey tool employed at multiple points during the competence boost processes (base-line measurement and final measurement). Furthermore, the evaluation consists of a case study of 12 competence development programmes which have been particularly successful in ensuring practice-oriented competence boosts in the field of dementia.


The evaluation’s findings provide information about how practical competence boost processes regarding dementia are best implemented in municipalities and regions, forming the basis for expansion into other municipalities and courses. The combination of monitoring and case studies ensures continuous insight into project progression and gains, as well as in-depth knowledge about why certain competence development programmes have worked and what factors and conditions have been crucial to this development.