Systematic public involvement in Denmark's largest health and care administration


The City of Copenhagen’s Health and Care Administration provides health and care services to more than 10.000 citizens through approx. 100 different institutions in a wide range of service areas. The administration's size, combined with changed demographics, shifting tasks in healthcare and the consequent increasing complexity of services, as well as efficiency requirements, all place great demands on the administration's management and development of their services.


Since 2010, Epinion has conducted the City of Copenhagen’s Health and Care Administration’s user surveys across all major service areas such as home care, assisted living facilities, visitation, home dental care, rehabilitation, patient-centric prevention (including diet, smoking etc.), leisure activities, etc. We conduct over 7.000 interviews with citizens annually, and the results are applied at political, administrative and executive levels.


The results provide the City of Copenhagen with systematic, robust and action-oriented insight into the quality perceived by users – from the group level all the way down to the specific institution providing the actual service to the citizen. On this basis, politicians and the administration obtain an informed basis for strategic prioritisation and the implementation of specific actions, while local institutions are given a tool for identifying specific problems and development opportunities locally.