How to re-brand an assortment of products successfully


Valsemøllen considered re-branding their sub-brand Finax to Valsemøllen. They wanted to reinforce their company presence and image in the eyes of consumers. To liquidate a successful and growing brand as Finax is however not an easy decision and Valsemøllen therefore sought critical consumer insights


Epinion’s applied approach to measuring a brand’s health is based on the fundamentals of marketing sciences. Brands must be known, distinct, different and feel good. The approach provides a holistic evaluation of the status quo of the Valsemøllen brand and is besides an actionable tool rather than reactive measurement.


Based on provided consumer insights - and to create synergy and authenticity in Valsemøllen as one company - Valsemøllen decided to stop using their sub-brand Finax. Valsemøllen will as such serve as the single future brand for Danish quality products within the bakery and home-bakery. Valsemøllen tracks regularly their brand health and strength to ensure continuous relevance.