Political advisory for parties and advocacy groups


During electoral campaigns and through the rest of the political yearly cycle, it is important for both political parties and advocacy groups to be aligned with their target groups of possible voters or others with a common special interest. This can be based on gut-feelings or historical knowledge, but at Epinion we believe in delivering solid data-driven insights on such political opinion.


At Epinion we deliver independent political advice to various political actors by always setting a team of dedicated consultants to focus on the individual client. By always working in independent teams, we can ensure confidentiality for clients even with conflicting interests. Our educational background in social sciences and close co-operation with leading political scientists ensures that we always include the latest research in our project design, and this means that we are able to provide cutting-edge advice.


We base our political advice on a solid foundation of knowledge of political behavior and the formation of political opinions. This is combined with thorough knowledge of different sources for getting data on political attitudes. We combine observational studies, focus groups, surveys and social media data when we are working with political advisory, since this makes us able to examine both broad tendencies, development over time and to make deep dives on specific topics.