How can resource process recipients be helped to improve labour market participation?


People in resource processes benefit from fewer business-related efforts than other unemployed people, although many studies show that it is these efforts that most effectively help vulnerable unemployed people back into the labour market. A new, focused action model with clear core elements and implementation support measures aims to make the efforts of 17 municipalities more focused and effective. 


For two years, 17 municipalities have worked to implement the action model. Epinion, together with its partners, has monitored the municipalities’ implementation and compliance with the core elements of the action model through three targeted surveys; identified the municipalities’ starting position and effect via register-based data runs; and, through various qualitative data collections, identified what works when municipalities must restructure their efforts, as well as why it works. 


Significant positive effect on the proportion of resource process recipients in work placement, significantly shorter time from the granting of resources to the start of work placements, and significantly greater share of resource process recipients with ordinary wage hours. At the same time, the client reviewed and consolidated an action model with clearly defined implementation measures which can now be spread to the country’s other municipalities. 

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