Creating a packaging with stopping power


Approx. 80% of all shopper purchase decisions are made in-store. Creating a compelling pack is hence crucial to ensure the success of a product. Our client, a leading CPG manufacturer, has developed a new packaging idea for a new product range of theirs and needed to ensure that the new idea succeeds in a more and more cluttered and noisy environment in-store.


The key was to test a new packaging idea, but also point our areas of improvement, if any. Epinion’s pack test method ensures a holistic evaluation of the packing and covers questions like: Is the pack eye-catching? Is it easy to decode? Is it enticing? Only a pack that has a high standout on shelf, appeals to the shoppers’ system 1 - the part of the human brain which likes to make easy, quick and familiar decisions.


With the help of the provided consumer research a new packaging was launched that strongly conveyed to our client’s brand. It is recognizable and eye-catching at the POS in order not to fall into the common trap of packaging re-designs. Furthermore, the packaging is easy to decode and signals our client’s USP by linking to the intended brand and product characteristics.