Supercykelstier (Cycle superhighways)


Supercykelstier would like to know more about people who commute by bike, why they use this form of transportation and what possibly could reduce their will to commute by bike. Supercykelstier are also wondering about their need for trafical information and how and where they want to receive this information.


During winter/spring 2019 Epinion planned and completed a qualitative mobile ethnographic study. Epinion has recruited 25 respondents from the relevant target group and for 35 days they participated in a closed, digital forum where they would share information about their journey with bike. They would also answer a variety of assignments with the use of audio, text and videos through their smart phones.


Epinion presented four concrete solutions to Supercykelstier. Predominantly, there is a need for an overall channel where commuters can locate all relevant information targeted to the cyclists’ needs. The results clearly prove that well-suited devices (e.g. route optimization) that are targeted people who commute by bike, are essential for cyclists’ journeys and for continuous use of this form of transportation.