What characterizes best practice within planning of formalized training and further education for unskilled and skilled workers?


The union 3F represents unskilled and skilled workers and has for many years had a deep focus on how to support more formalized training and further education among its members. Previous research and other Epinion-analysis identifiesidentify barriers for formalized training/further education of employees. In addition , previous studies have shown that systematical planning of competence development is key to more use of courses, educations and training among employees. However, we only know little about how, more specifically, we get companies to plan formalized training/further education, and what characterizes best practice in educational planning.


3F has asked Epinion to carry out a study of the planning of formalized training/further education of skilled and unskilled workers in small and medium-sized Danish companies. The analysis focusses on best practice – what works, what motivates the companies to work with educational planning, and how can other companies learn from this? Also, the analysis identifies possible new initiatives that could be introduced and discussed in the tripartite negotiations to come.


Epinion conducted a study that combines quantitative and qualitative methods. First a survey among approx. 200 companies, second 15 in-depth interviews. Epinion has analyzed data, triangulated the insights, and reported the findings in a report. The report contains a set of inspirational cases and examples from companies from different sectors and of different sizes. Epinion presents and discuss the insights with 3F on a two-day education conference.