Strengthened positioning of commercial and clerical workers in the green transition of the labour market


The labour market is becoming greener – and is increasingly demanding sustainable solutions in a variety of sectors. The demand for new skills in the transition to a more sustainable labour market naturally leads to a need to train and upskill large parts of the workforce. HK Denmark (Union of Commercial and Clerical Employees in Denmark) wants to position HK workers as valuable employees in the green transition of the labour market, and in this context, HK Denmark needs to know where the HK worker stands today in relation to the more sustainable agenda.


Very little is known about the position of the commercial and clerical workers – both in relation to their workplace’s awareness of the green transition, but also in relation to changes in their own tasks, workflows, working conditions and requirements in this regard. Therefore, HK Denmark wanted to investigate whether – and to what extent – the working life of these employees was influenced by the green transition of the labour market, and not least which (new) concerns and ambitions might arise in that context.


Epinion conducted a comprehensive segmentation analysis on behalf of HK Denmark which aimed to differentiate the different positions of members in relation to the green transition of the labour market. With this knowledge, HK Denmark had the information it needed to target communication and initiatives strategically in order to best encompass their members’ wants and needs. The segmentation analysis was based on a representative survey of 3,422 members.