The Danish Holiday Travel Survey provides you with insight into Danes’ travel behavior and how it’s changing 

November 14, 2019

It’s not news to professionals working within the tourism and travel industry that things are changing. A massive global growth is reshaping the landscape of travelers; concerns about over-tourism and environmental footprint has been pushed to the forefront of the agenda; millennials are entering the stage with a complete new worldview; and digitalization and individualization is transforming the way we experience the world in a way few had imagined just a few years ago.    

No wonder there’s a multitude of trend studies trying to pinpoint the next trend that’s going to reshape the industry. And while such studies can have great value more thorough studies of how customer behavior actually is changing are scarce – especially in niche markets like the Danish and Nordic markets.

The Danish Holiday Travel Study aims to fill that gap: Providing a yearly updated analysis of how the Danes travel based on careful analysis of a representative sample of your 5,000 holidays. Conducted since 2016 it let’s you see actual trends in behavior across the entire market and within smaller segments.

Whether you work in marketing, product development or business strategy and whether you represent a DMO, a travel agent, an airline or any business dependent on or interested in the Danish holiday travel market Epinion’s yearly “Danish Holiday Travel Survey” is a source of valuable insights into customer trends.

Think you know it all already? Test how well you know the Danes when it comes to holiday travel behavior in our quiz based on this year’s findings:

Epinino Introduction – The Danish Holiday and Travel Survey 2019

Epinion – Sådan Rejser Danskerne 2019 (Danish)

The Danish Holiday Travel Survey covers themes like:

  • What are the overall consumer driven trends in the travel market – and how do they develop over time?
  • Where do travelers seek Information and make bookings?
  • Which patterns do we see in terms of travel behavior and habits?
  • What kind of activities do travelers engaged in on different kinds of holiday trips?
  • How much money do the Danes spend when traveling – and how do they insure themselves?
  • What are the intentions for future travels?
  • Who are the Danish travelers?

Read more on the latest analysis here: The Danish Holiday Travel Study 2019

If you are interested in purchasing the report or just would like to hear more about the insights or the options to tailor it to your specific needs, please reach out to our tourism research team: